Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I was Thinking of You When I Painted This

Here are three paintings I did five years ago.  It wasn't long after I really got back into painting and drawing that I completed them.  Each of the three paintings took about about three days to complete.  I was home sick a lot around that time and these three paintings were my way of dealing with being so far away from everyone and everything that was important to me.  There is for sure a lot of emotion behind these pieces.  I think having emotion behind a piece makes it better.

Love Grows Here

This first one I did is Called Love Grows Here.  I did it for my Sister Roxanne.  To me this is her in all her glory, a giant growing heart.  She is a very sweet soft hearted person.  Don't get me wrong, she can get mad and be moody just like the next person.  But her overall being is a soft heart.  No matter what she will be there to take care of you, even when you think you don't want/need her to :O) 

 The second one I did is called Sisters and I did it for my sister Sherri.  Sherri is my sister but she is also so much more to me.  This painting is of four mushrooms.  These represent me, and my three sisters.  They are all similar, but are all slightly different too.  There is just one that has a diamond on her instead of the three dots.  If you know us, you can decide which of the four that one is :O)  I am not sure why i decided to paint us as mushrooms, it just felt right at the time.   

First Date

The last one is called First date and I did this one for my mom and dad.  I am not sure what their first date was like, but maybe they were a little like these daisy's walking along looking up at the stars.  It again was just something that felt right when I painted it.  My mom and dad are as cute as the daisy's in this paining :O)

These three pieces, like all of my paintings are filled with color and are a little on the whimsical side.  I just don't have it in me to paint a pretty summer scene.  I mood decides my color choice and the canvas usually decides the picture.    


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