Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas is Closer Than You Think

Yes I know, you are all screaming at me that Halloween is this weekend and yet here I am talking about Christmas.  I am in a condo this year and will not get to enjoy Halloween like i normally do, so to offset my Halloween blues, I have jumped right to next season that i can actually enjoy, CHRISTMAS!  Also like many other people, I have to do a LOT of stuff to get ready for Christmas, maybe more this year than ever before.  So instead of falling behind I am trying to get a head start on it. 

This year I have gotten a little creative and decided to make Christmas cards instead of buying them.  No I am not saving any money in making them, I have probably doubled my Christmas card expense by making them, but that's ok.  I am thorougly enjoying painting the cards, putting them together and even making their envelopes :O)  

Here is a sample of some of the completed cards.  I have never made cards before so it has been a learning curve for sure.  I trashed a lot of the very first ones I did.  The more cards I make, the more I figure out what I like and don't like and what works as a card and what doesn't. 

Maybe one day I will get enough guts to start my own hand painted card business.....Lol thats a big maybe though. 

I hope you enjoy them. 

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